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Safety door business department

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  I, Inc. is a set design, development, production, sales and service, which integrates modern enterprises, involving Imitate copper door products, metal lacquer door, luxury villas doors, Steel Suit Doors, such as electrolytic galvanized sheet series, convenient transportation, logistics developed .

  Our biggest feature is the raw material purchase, process design, manufacturing process, the unique surface treatment, the non-scientific use of AUTO-CAD technology and professional production from the beginning to the end of a technology-based, market-oriented bold innovation, industry body committed to improving door decoration level, in order to beautify the living room and security responsibility to an extraordinary leap for innovation unlimited philosophy to create "Step-Up" brand.

  With our staff of the Imitate copper door unique understanding and years of production experience, a new layout and design, unique shape, work fine, honorable luxury, pay more attention to environmental protection, and its launch of a series of artistic beauty products, quality luxury among the broad customer the trust, a well-known brands in the same industry. Since the birth of the company has been uphold "brand, innovation, perfect" management concept. Technology leading the way, attention to technical personnel input. Production of the series Imitate copper door good quality, reliable product safety, aesthetics, durability in the use of peer is the best.


  We adhere to quality-oriented, service-oriented, user-oriented principle, Connaught keeping promises, excellence, pioneering, truth-seeking innovative entrepreneurial spirit. With the Mainland Chinese colleagues, customers sincere cooperation, and jointly create splendid future. At home and abroad wholeheartedly welcome new and old customers coming negotiations!


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