Non-standard Door Department/standard gate Department:

Contact: Mr. Ma

Mobile: 13588616373

Tel :+0086-13506792296579-87283256

Fax :+0086-13506792296579-87283376

Tungmen Department:

Contact: Mr. Chen

Mobile: +0086-13506792296

Tel :0579-87283339

Fax :0579-87205033

Safety door business department

Contact:Xu manager

Mobile: 13735647711

Phone: 0579-87178383

Fax: 0579-87178181

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Add: West Industrial Zone, Yongkang City

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After-sales service
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    Between company and customers to establish long-term cooperative partnership, rather than a simple business relationship, we will continue to work together with customers and common development. All the company's operating system, management system, strategic planning, mission and vision has one of the most fundamental core, both is profit. And the profit is the only source of customers, so to meet customer demand as the highest work we enterprise operating guidelines. Customer satisfaction is to check the only starting point and the standard of our work.

  Our commitment to the customer complaint feedback principle;

  Immediate feedback, never excuse; Error correction immediately, to be correct. If you have any comments, Suggestions, complaints, please directly contact us, thank you for your attention!

  Provides eight hours of service hotline to ask, reply mail, purchasing negotiation, order online consulting, etc., but also constantly strive to provide the professional service support to cooperation operator. In order to realize build first-class customer service center, the training of specialists in the field of first-class customer service, and grow up together step by step progress of vision. Excellent customer service management team and professional customer service staff will provide you with comprehensive, considerate, timely quality gold medal service.

  Constantly improve the technical level of the individual, in order to make the engineers to provide clients with more comprehensive services, our company every month to professional technical training of engineers, and technical appraisal.

  Work is arranged by the scheduling of the service. In order to refine our services, our company shall manage the regionalization, full-time personnel to provide services for every customer, make every engineer for their regional customers wholeheartedly service.

  Professional services let you Gao Chen carefree!

  Product if you have any question in use process, can be consulting company has professional after-sales service centers, can provide efficient after-sales service.

  Company perennial with CCTV, places such as the well-known media cooperation, a strong brand to build China's door industry leader.

  The integration of professional marketing management

  The integration of professional media

  Integration of professional after-sales service

  The integration of professional customer consultation


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