Non-standard Door Department/standard gate Department:

Contact: Mr. Ma

Mobile: 13588616373

Tel :+0086-13506792296579-87283256

Fax :+0086-13506792296579-87283376

Tungmen Department:

Contact: Mr. Chen

Mobile: +0086-13506792296

Tel :0579-87283339

Fax :0579-87205033

Safety door business department

Contact:Xu manager

Mobile: 13735647711

Phone: 0579-87178383

Fax: 0579-87178181

Company address:

Add: West Industrial Zone, Yongkang City

The company's official website:


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Non-standard door division/standard door division:

Contact: Ma Zong

Hand machine: 13588616373

words: 0579-87283256

The true: 0579-87283376


Telephone number of regional heads of non-standard doors / safety doors:

Jiangxi: 18867967288 (Zhong manager)          Anhui: 18268959666 (Ma manager)

Fujian: 15397575866 (Jan manager)               Hunan: 13735601661 (Long Manager)

Zhejiang: 15397575868 (Ma manager)            Sichuan: 18384286666 (Zhou Manager)

Jiangsu: 15727955506 (Tian manager)


Tungmen Department:

Contact person: Mr. Chen

Hand machine: 13506792296

words: 0579-87283339

The true: 0579-87205033


Safety door business department:

Contact person: Xu manager

Hand machine: 13735647711

address: electricity words: 0579-87178383

The true: 0579-87178181 


Company address:

Address: Chengxi Industrial Zone, Yongkang City


The company's official website:

Web site: http://www.bubusheng.cn

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